• This innovative method, developed by Dr. Marco Antonio Hidalgo with a decisive support by Ing. Malcom Niven, is made up of a device and other accessories that together integrate the equipment, with which to achieve the maximum effectiveness in insemination artificial. Its design allows the user to introduce the semen to the uterine horns without having to manipulate the cervix and without damaging internally the genital organs of the cow.

  • Its design responds to the need to boost the use of artificial insemination with a quick and easy learning.

  • The technique of Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo "El Torito" is PATENTED in Mexico and the United States.

  • Patents: Patent U.S.A. 6071231 / Patent México. 201208

  • From a specialized technician to a person without any experience, men and women of all ages have been able to make use of this simple and easy method of artificial insemination.

Traditional vs. "Torito"

An important part of his advisory work was the design and delivery of insemination and breeding courses for producers. There he realized that traditional insemination courses have a high cost, among other things because:

  1. You have to practice on live cows, at least two for each assistant.
  2. It takes at least 4 days.
  3. Many cows are injured, bleeding and injured in such a way that many go to the trail.
  4. There is a low level of learning: of 10 attendees, only one or two really comes out with some practice to continue working.

Versions of "Torito"


Classic torito

  • DiseñadoTo inseminate cows and novillonas.
  • It is avoided to put the hand through the rectum as this device is inserted through the vagina with a speculum to locate the entrance of the cervix.
  • The device has a balloon that opens the entrance of the cervix and at the same time prevents the return of the semen, this device uses two syringes, one with the activator and another to inflate the balloon.
  • Percentage of average conception 60%

Torito Express for cows

  • Designed to inseminate cows.
  • This insemination device is inserted through the vagina with the hand covered with a glove to locate the entrance of the cervix where the semen will be deposited along with the activating diluent.
  • This equipment has a device in the shape of a pear that facilitates its entry through the vagina and also helps blocking the external os the return of semen.
  • Percentage of average conception.

Torito Express for novillonas

  • Designed to inseminate novillonas and cows of small breeds.
  • This insemination device is passed through the vagina with a speculum to locate the entrance of the cervix and introduce the device with a spiral tip to deposit the semen together with the activator.

Inseminator OF DEER

The Deer Inseminator is an innovative insemination method designed and perfected by Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo, MSc, DVM. Back in 1970 he founded the first private cattle semen production and marketing company in Mexico; nowadays, he is still active in developing reproduction programs in cattle ranches inside and outside the country.

Our goal is to provide deer breeders total flexibility in their AI scheduling, with pregnancy warranty and minimal stress on the animals. This innovative technique allows for high conception rates without the need for costly equipment and high-risk, invasive surgery on the animals. This simple, scientifically developed method is based on applying the semen through the cervix directly into the uterus.

  • No medication
  • No surgery
  • No high-cost equipment
  • Minimal stress and risk on the animal
  • Training Available
  • Mexico Patent: 20 1 208
  • US Patent: 6 071 231


"Our "RamGo" system is specially designed for sheep, goats and deer. It has a small device in the shape of a pear with cannula, similar to the device of "Torito Express".

"The "RamGo" device is unique in its type, it can pass through the first cervical ring of the sheep, which is usually very difficult to achieve with other artificial insemination systems. Conception rates with "RamGo" can be the same as laparoscopy.


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