Dr. Marco Antonio Hidalgo is founder and CEO of Tecnología Genética, S. de R. L., and the creator of the device "El Torito".

Graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1959, he began working with cattle from the beginning of his studies; Later worked for the Rockefeller Foundation and obtained a Master of Science degree from the University of Minnesota, USA.

He taught the National University in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, teaching the Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination Chair for more than 30 years at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He was Coordinator of the Department of Reproduction and University Advisor.

Outside of his teaching work, he served as Associate Director General of Syntex International Research Institute in the area of Livestock Reproduction.

In 1970, he founded Mexican Insemination Services, SIMEX, the first Mexican semen producer and marketer, offering counseling and training services to livestock farmers with courses in artificial insemination.

He has continually dedicated himself to the development of breeding programs for cattle ranches in different parts of the republic.

In medical-veterinary organizations, he has participated in:

Association of Veterinary Practitioners Specialists in Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination (Founding President, 1966)

  • National Veterinary Unit (Founding President, 1975)

At the government level, he has held various positions:

  • Adviser of the Government of the State of Tabasco in the Plan Chontalpa 1971-1976.
  • PRODEL Gerente de Servicios Médicos Veterinarios (Programa de Descentralización de Granjas Lácteas del Distrito Federal) 1978-1980, one of the biggest dairy farms in the world (25.000 cows in 200 hectares).
  • Secretary of Agricultural Development (Puebla) 1987-1990
  • Delegate of SARH in the state of Puebla 1990-1991
  • Director General of the National Commission for Genetic Improvement and Animal Reproduction (CONAMEGRA) 1991-2003
  • Advisor to the Government of the State of Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chihuahua, San Luis Postosí and the State of Hidalgo (at different times since 1980 to date)

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Dr. Marco Antonio Hidalgo is founder and CEO of Tecnología Genética, S. de R. L., and the creator of the "El Torito" device.



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