In the 1970s Dr. Marco Antonio Hidalgo, professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), an expert in animal reproduction with an extensive track record and experience at the national and international level, proposed to the Ing. Malcolm Niven, successful entrepreneur and owner of Rancho Don Thomas, in San Luis Potosi, develop a method to facilitate the use of artificial insemination in animal husbandry.

Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo also consulted with your counselor and teacher Dr. Raymond Zemjanis who urged him to continue to develop the method "TORITO".

Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo has always been in contact with the field work and the people who performs it. This has allowed him to live the reality of the problems of the field.


Despite the best efforts of several teachers to spread the use and application of the techniques of artificial insemination in Mexico, the use by small farms has been minimal to what is desirable, in comparison with the large dairy farms that have the means to hire technicians veterinary medical or full-time.

With the Ing. Malcolm Niven, Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo had the opportunity to experiment and expand its work in the use of hormones for synchronization of the estrous cycle and the undertake the challenge of technical "The El Torito" during the years of 1966 to 1970.

Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo presented his evidence to design a solution that improves on the traditional system. A new system that does not require the introduction of a metal applicator by the neck until you reach the uterus, introducing the hand into the rectum and holding the neck of the uterus. With his new method without introducing the hand into the rectum, the semen is pushed inside uterus through the vagina at the entrance of the neck.

The Ing. Niven began to produce different designs of devices according to studies of Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo that took the rest of the investigation.This was a job for a long time, years, but little by little it was to develop and refine the concept, so that any person can apply.

A first study that was published in the 13th International Congress on Animal Reproduction in Australia.

Have been working with this technique in different ranches in Mexico to date, inseminandose between 5 and 10 thousand cows with this technique "The El Torito" (Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo) allowing people to gradually get to know the good results.

In the course of time and the use of this technique have been achieved very good percentages of conception, as well as those of better technical inseminador, reaching between 60 and up to 90% of cows with a single service with small producers.

The National Polytechnic Institute, supported this project with the realization of an educational video, with which many people have learned to use the technique.

Currently efforts are being made for this technique to reach more small producers who still do not take advantage of the opportunity to improve their livestock using artificial insemination. Lately there have been very significant changes that have been made even easier and more effective the method.


The equipment consists of disposable and non-disposable materials.


  • Kit
  • Defrosting box
  • Syringe with double support
  • Syringe rack
  • Card thermother
  • Scissors
  • Lamp
  • Manual and DVD
  • Speculum (the same for cows or heifers)


Packs of 25 games, each set includes:

  • Disposable or Non-Disposable Speculum (same for cows or heifers)
  • Device with balloon
  • Special universal pipette
  • Plastic case for non-disposable speculum
  • Diluent syringe


You do not need to hire a highly qualified technician. Without having to stick the hand to the cow allows him to apply the semen as effectively as the best inseminator technician.

It does not hurt the reproductive organs of the cow.

This method ensures that the semen is introduced beyond the body of the uterus which is where the best percentages of pregnancy are obtained.


The results have been successful and we have received several testimonies from different parts of the world that indicate pregnancy rates with an average of 70% in beef cattle.


  • Simple Method. Anyone can use it.
  • Easy to learn. In just one hour you can learn to use it yourself.
  • Great effectiveness. The use of "Torito" has reported results with design percentages above 60%.
  • Low cost As it does not require a specialist to perform the insemination.
  • Do not depend on the availability of inseminator technicians.
  • It does not damage the genital tract, As opposed to the risk with the recto-vaginal method.
  • Just-in-time insemination. No longer depend on an insemination route.
  • Avoid the risk of contamination from one ranch to another.
  • Easier to inseminate novillonas. By virtue of an opening reflex at the entrance of the cervix that occurs when introducing the speculum of "Torito".
  • It makes accessible technology for livestock production, which was traditionally limited to specialists.
  • It promotes the development of new skills for the people of the field, generating more roots in the communities.
  • Development of breeding programs in regions where artificial insemination is not used on a daily basis.


Commercially this technique allows simple artificial insemination in cattle to any person who will have the opportunity to use the Torito Method "DO IT YOURSELF", without the need to go to specialized people.This allows artificial insemination to be disseminated to cattle more quickly, with the advantage that the cost per insemination is less than the cost of paying a skilled technician.

The effectiveness reported with the technique of Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo makes it possible to use semen of high genetic value that will improve the cattle and that can substitute the use of the natural mount with which the genetic growth would never be reached. And the use of semen from the best bulls in the world allows increased milk or meat production, which helps producers improve their livestock while becoming more competitive.

What we no longer want to see is low-quality cattle that do not produce or provide financial benefits and which increases expenditure rather than incomes in milk and meat production.



In the test that evaluated this method were used 30 Swiss-Cebu and Dutch Zebu cows .... 25 cows were pregnant at the first service, they repeated heat 5, of which 3 were pregnant to the second service. In my opinion as a technician and as a farmer, the Torito method has left me very satisfied since it is very easy to learn how to use it and (is) very effective.

In my ranch the son of my cowboy is the one that inseminates the cows when I am not me, is a boy of 12 years and learned in an hour of practice.Thank you Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo for invented this method that made me save time and money.

Ejido La Concepción, Municipality of Hueyapan de O., Ver.

Ing. Oscar Eguiza Navarrete.


In my dairy farm we had 30% conception in our cows with insemination in traditional form, having a rigorous control for the detection of estrus; Percentage that I considered very low.At the suggestion of Dr. Marco A. Hidalgo, I used the method of his invention called Torito. After 40 days of use, of 10 inseminated cows, which were repeaters, 7 became pregnant and the only change we made was to use the Torito method.

Veterinary Doctor Zootecnista Guillermo Pérez Calva

Ranch El Paraíso, Xilotepec, Estado de México


This method has always given us very good results, depending on the good management of our term, we had 70 to 80% success considering the females loaded.What was really a surprise was the year 2005 that of 10 doses used with semen sexually immunologically, the 10 females were loaded and 9 of the products were females. We expect the project to expand in the region as I am sure it would bring great benefits to the milk industry.

Lic. Abraham Alegría

San Miguel de la Victoria, Municipio de Xilotepec, Estado de México, México


We started using the method of artificial insemination the Torito in 2003, the cowboys have learned to inseminate with results that I consider extraordinary, achieving between 60 and 70% conception. I take this opportunity to thank you for the contribution you have made to Mexican livestock with this method of insemination, which in practice has given us excellent results, to the degree that some veterinarians who have known it consider it even better than the traditional system , Since anyone can learn it quickly without having such specialized knowledge, this system has been shown in practice to several farmers in the region of Huasteca Veracruzana who have seen the results and have adopted it in their livestock facilities.

Lic. Valente Arizabalo Betancour

Ranch Las Chacas, Municipio de Platón Sánchez, Ver.

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Dr. Marco Antonio Hidalgo is founder and CEO of Tecnología Genética, S. de R. L., and the creator of the "El Torito" device.



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