Dr. Marco Antonio Hidalgo Mendoza, a recognized professional expert in Animal Reproduction, presents us an invaluable guide to support livestock farmers in these times. Their productivity will be key to reactivating the country's economy and help safeguard food self-sufficiency.

With a master's degree in Animal Reproduction from the University of Minnesota, his vast experience in both the university´s classroom and in the field´s industry, and his spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and research. Dr. Hidalgo gives us a clear and simple introduction to the most important topics of effective ranch management that every rancher should understand, along with a practical solution to optimize production: implementation of a proven smart livestock breeding program, supported by an insemination system invented and perfected by himself, for more than 50 years of work: the El Torito device, which has come to multiply the results in artificial insemination from small to medium and large producers.

In addition to his long career since 1960 as a researcher and advisor to ranches and livestock farms throughout the Mexican Republic, Dr. Hidalgo has founded and directed since 1991 Tecnología Genética, S de RL, a consulting and training company in genetic improvement programs established in Mexico City. From there he continues with his research and training work in the area of artificial insemination and animal reproduction, as well as in the design of specific programs for livestock productivity and efficiency.


Dr. Marco Antonio Hidalgo is founder and CEO of Tecnología Genética, S. de R. L., and the creator of the "El Torito" device.



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